Krabbé's ride tour de Mt Aigoual

Krabbé's ride tour de Mt Aigoual

  • 137 KM
  • 2400 M+
  • 12% MAX
  • Hardness 7
  • Legendary 10

Why do this ride

If you have any appreciation for cycling legacy this is the ride to take. The Tour de Mont Aigoual features in Tim Krabbé’s book De Renner (The Rider). Hands down, the best story ever told in cycling. The Cévennes don’t feature the most difficult climbs, but gorges and climate can make this ride a ‘four seasons in one day’ challenge. And views are spectacular.

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Best place to stay

Chateau d’Ayres, Meyrueis.

best TIME to ride


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cyclo evasion

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