Hail to Haile The great Ethiopian run

Hail to Haile The great Ethiopian run

  • Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
  • 10 KM
  • Hardness 6
  • Legendary 8

why do this run

Sure, if you like running you can do the NY Marathon, or the City to Surf in Sydney, but our bet would be the Great Ethiopian Run through Addis Ababa. For one day the traffic laden streets of Ethiopia‚Äôs capital are swept clean of trucks, cars, mopeds and the occasional goatherd in order to organize the Great Ethiopian Run, a carnival and running event in one big melting pot that celebrates sports, friendship and peace. Pay homage to the great Ethiopian runners, Haile Gebreselaisse, Kenenisa Bekele and Abebe Bikila (the legendary bare feet Gold medalist in the 1960 Rome Olympics) and get a special GER t-shirt to boot. The t-shirt is a collectable. It’s made in Ethiopia and profits support the local community. The international 10 K Great Ethiopian Run is held every year in November. Oh, and with 40.000 competing, you’re sure to make some great friends along the way.


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best places to stay

Hilton Addis Abeba



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