get high in the low lands

get high in the low lands

  • EYS, Limburg, NL
  • 1 KM
  • 80M+
  • 22% MAX
  • Hardness 6
  • Legendary 8

why do this ride

OK. We all know the Netherlands are as flat as… Well, there’s a reason we call it the Low lands. However, down south in Limburg there are some real punchy hills that would test even the most seasoned rider. One of the best climbs you can have a crack at is the Eyserbosweg. More than once the executioner in the Dutch Amstel Gold Race. It’s not the average gradient that will get you, nor the distance. It’s the straight road that only gets steeper and steeper and steeper. Not unlike a reversed ski jump.

And when you’re there, do check out the Cauberg, the Vaalsberg and the Keutenberg. Especially the last hill is tricky. Starting with a 22% wall in the first 200 metres, it will leave you gasping for air for the rest of the climb. It makes you wonder why you didn’t bring any climbing gear from your last ascent of the K2. People who’ve done the Keuterberg by car say the scenery is nice.

One thing is certain, after riding the Limburg hills, you’ve earned your à BLOC. So make sure to drink one at the Parkhotel in Valkenburg. Cheers!


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best places to stay

Ofcourse you’ll have to visit the Parkhotel Valkenburg. A great place to spend the night or to have an à BLOC at the hotelbar.


End of April to early September.

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