Silky roads of Cheddar Gorge

Silky roads of Cheddar Gorge

  • Cheddar, Somerset, UK
  • 35 KM
  • 150 M+
  • 16% MAX
  • Hardness 8
  • Legendary 8

why do this ride

South of Bristol in the town of Cheddar on the road to Priddy you will find one of the nicest climbs in the UK. The 3.5 km climb leads through the Cheddar gorge. Beautiful smooth road and brilliant scenery. The climb is toughest in the gorge, with 16 percent climbs in a view corners, but as the rock face diminishes so does the gradient. The road flattens on the hilltop.

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Best place to stay

The Pigsty @ Lower Stables


Nice smooth ride in summer.

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