canadian death race come prepared

canadian death race come prepared

  • Grande Cache, Canada
  • 125 KM
  • 5180 M+
  • Hardness 10
  • Legendary 8

why do this run

The warning on the official website leaves little room for speculation “Don’t take anything for granted”. Completing The Canadian Death Race, gives you something to boast about at the bar for the rest of life. It’s a 125 K (77.7 mi) run, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Grande Cache, Alberta Canada. The race consists of five legs on pavement, gravel road, dirt trails, grass, and, yes, a river. The weather can change from blistering heat to cold and wet conditions. Runners climb over 5.180 meters (17.000ft). You’ve got two days to complete the race. “Earn your beer” never sounded more true.

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best place to stay

Grande Cache Hotel or the Crande Cache Municipal Campground



Photo credit

Runningmagazine canada

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