• BOURG D’OISANS, Auvergne, fr
  • 13,8 KM
  • 1080 M+
  • 11% MAX
  • Hardness 7
  • Legendary 9

Why do this ride

Yes, it’s a must. The 13.8 km climb from Bourg d’Oisans to Alpe d’Huez in the French Alpes with 21 turns. Because it’s been the finish of 28 stages in the Tour de France, because Hinault and Lemond battled it out on this mountain, because you can compare your time with Pantani’s. Il Pirata did it in 37:35 back in 1997. Different days…

While you’re there check out the Col de la Bérarde. It’s a hidden gem! Nice road, brilliant views. Hardly any traffic, other than fellow cyclists to share the ride!

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Best place to stay

Hotel Au Bon Accueil, Venosc,

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Photo credit

Peter Cossins

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