Think global brew local

Think global brew local

  • Brewed and served locally
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ABLOC® Beer is brewed close to the sport communities we serve. This reduces transport and that’s so much better for our planet. The recipe for ABLOC is created with our master brewer in The Netherlands, and we work with craft breweries around the world. ABLOC is currently brewed in Australia, France, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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Kees Bubberman, head brewer of Brouwerij Kees in Middelburg
Kees Bubberman, head brewer of Brouwerij Kees in Middelburg

A Dutch touch

In The Netherlands A BLOC is brewed in Middelburg at ‘Brouwerij Kees‘, where Kees Bubberman is Head Brewer. ‘Kees’ is an international renowned craft beer brewery. CEO of A BLOC in the Netherlands Martijn Snelder about this cooperation: “Brouwerij  Kees represents quality and perfect taste. They have a high rank in the top 100 of and we are proud that our IPA and Natural Blonde Beer are brewed here.”

Ash Bleeker is Managing director of à BLOC Australia. Ash’s father is born in The Netherlands, we love that ‘Dutch touch’. Don’t try to talk Dutch with Ash though, more than ‘goedemorgen’ will not come from his mouth. But If you want to have a chat about cycling or craft beer, you’re more than welcome. The Oz version of A BLOC is brewed by Burnley Brewing where Master Brewer Michael Stanzel leads the production team.

Henri Jung and and Alexandre Clerc from Brasserie du Jorat in Switzerland are very experienced in the world of beer. We are proud that the team of Bruno Dias brews our delicious A BLOC craft beer for the Swiss Market. Directeur Sportif and co-founder of A BLOC Daan van Well lives in Geneva Switzerland and is a regular visitor of the brewery in Vulliens. Nicolas Danel is brewer at Brasserie Alpine in France. Nicolas is very enthusiastic about A BLOC and brews a beautiful A BLOC craft beer for an exclusive selection of points of sale in France.



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Click on the image to see some more about À BLOC Session Blonde (only 2,9%) by Burnley Brewing


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