The ultimate sports beer

The ultimate sports beer

  • Brewed locally
  • The story behind the most refreshing post-sport beer
  • Enriched with Alpine Minerals(r)
  • Unfiltered
  • Unpasteurised

Life Is What You Make It

À BLOC is the ultimate beer for people with an active, healthy and social lifestyle. À BLOC challenges and inspires to push boundaries, to become fitter, faster and stronger, to meet new people and discover new places. We celebrate our achievements with likeminded people all over the world. After all, you have to earn your À BLOC and celebrate everything life has to offer. After all: life is what you make it.

À BLOC was developed with Master Brewers and engineered to be the ultimate sports beer you can have. We added Alpine Minerals making à BLOC the perfect beer for after a good sport effort. It is an awesome layered combination of contrasting flavours resulting in a great tasting crisp and refreshing craft beer. But we jokingly call it our ideal ‘naturally isotonic hops-based post ride drink’.

We created the recipe with our master brewers in The Netherlands and England, and we work with the best craft breweries around the world to brew à BLOC locally with the best ingredients. This enables us to brew our beer close to the cycling communities we serve around the world, making for a better quality beer and reducing transport. It’s a win-win for everyone, and better for our planet!

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The perfect drink for after the ride
The perfect drink for after the ride

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Epic stories

We ride together

We love stories from the peloton, they enrich our lives. Especially the ones of suffering and achievement. Stories are told when drinking à BLOC. We appreciate that a good story grows stronger over time. It’s one of the reasons we ride. Want to share your story?

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