ABLOC Natural Blonde Beer

ABLOC Natural Blonde Beer

  • At your local pub
  • Full flavoured
  • Unfiltered

Natural Blonde Beer

ABLOC Natural Blonde Beer contains elements of an IPA, a Pilsner and Hefeweizen. It is unfiltered and unpasteurised so that its rich flavours and naturally occurring proteins and vitamin B are preserved. On top of that, we added Alpine Minerals giving the beer its fresh, crisp, mineraly taste.

The result is an awesome layered combination of contrasting flavours resulting in a  unique full flavoured and refreshing craft beer. The taste we’ve tried to achieve is a big ‘hop shot’ at the start, to deliver the beautiful aroma and refreshing bitterness, with a disappearing hop profile that finishes with the classically smooth wheat beer taste, so you’ll feel like another one as soon as you’ve finished the first. ABLOC Natural Blonde Beer has more hops than your average blonde, to give it its fresh, citrusy hoppy aromas and refreshingly bitter finish.

ABLOC® beer should be available wherever beer is sold. And if they don’t have it, demand it!


À BLOC Natural Blonde Beer is a delicious craft beer. Some tasting notes for the true craft beer supporter:

  • Original gravity: SG 12,0°P
  • Alcohol percentage: 4,9 Vol.-%
  • Hop bitterness: 30 EBU


And like all our beers we added Alpine Minerals.

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