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à BLOC Beer is brewed close to the sport communities we serve. This reduces transport and that’s so much better for our planet. The recipe for à BLOC is created with our master brewer in The Netherlands, and we work with craft breweries around the world. À BLOC is currently brewed in Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. But there’s a Dutch touch in all cases.

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Arjanneke, Gijs and Guido from Gooische Brouwerij
Arjanneke, Gijs and Guido from Gooische Brouwerij

The Dutch touch

Our Head Brewer in The Netherlands is Gijs Troost. He is a beer sommelier and co-owner of ‘Gooische Bierbrouwerij’ in the heart of Holland. If you’re in Hilversum, don’t miss the chance to visit Foodhall & Brewery Café MOUT. This is where our Dutch craft beer is brewed, so make sure you get a fresh draught of à BLOC here. You might bump into Martijn Snelder, one of the founders of à BLOC, who regularly pays a visit to MOUT in his hometown Hilversum.

Eddie Gadd is our master brewer in The United Kingdom. He has lived in The Hague in The Netherlands where he owned a pub and learned brewing. Eddie is now brewmaster at The Ramsgate Brewery in Kent. There’s the Dutch connection, because it’s at Gadd’s Ramsgate were à BLOC is brewed for the UK market. You’re always welcome to book a tour and try a pint.

Ash Bleeker is Managing director of à BLOC Australia. Ash’s father is born in, you have guessed it already, The Netherlands. Don’t try to talk Dutch with Ash though, more than ‘goedemorgen’ will not come from his mouth. But If you want to have a chat about cycling or craft beer, you’re more than welcome. The Oz version of à BLOC is brewed in Melbourne at Cavalier Brewing where Andrew Cronin is Head brewer.

Since early 2018 à BLOC is officially registered in South Africa. Our craft beer is brewed in Two Okes Brewery in Johannesburg in the Gauteng province, where Hennie Kloppers is Head brewer. à BLOC business is managed by Oscar Koster, a Dutch national who lives and works in South Africa since more than 20 years. Oscar is a passionate cyclist, both on and off road.  If you ask Oscar to summarize a beautiful life, he’ll probably start about the three B’s: bikes, braai and beer. The latter from à BLOC.

Eddie Gadd brewing @Ramsgate
Eddie Gadd brewing @Ramsgate


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We love stories from the peloton, they enrich our lives. Especially the ones of suffering and achievement. Stories are told when drinking à BLOC. We appreciate that a good story grows stronger over time. It’s one of the reasons we ride. Want to share your story?

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