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Alcohol Free Isotonic Craft Beer

ABLOC® Pro Zero is a fruity and refreshing Belgian style “Witbier”, created for those who want to stay sharp  and fit. As the ultimate thirst-quencher, its fresh lemon fruitiness, combined with a subtle malt sweetness is balanced by the crispness of Alpine Minerals® and a touch of bitterness from grapefruit and hops, creating a tasty and highly drinkable alcohol free beer. ABLOC® Pro Zero is The Ultimate Sports Beer. 

We enrich our beers with Alpine Minerals®, pure minerals from underneath the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps. Alpine Minerals® deliver the unique refreshing taste and help improve the isotonic properties of the beer and replenishing the body’s lost minerals.

ABLOC® beer should be available wherever beer is sold. And if they don’t have it, demand it!

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Also available as a 3pack: the ultimate gift box
Also available as a 3pack: the ultimate gift box

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  • Type: Belgian Witbier non ABV
  • Original gravity: SG 5,8°P
  • Alcohol percentage: 0.2 Vol.-%
  • Hop bitterness: 10 EBU
  • Calories: 21kCal/100ml
  • Appearance: light cloudy golden
  • Tasting notes: fruity, fresh, subtle sweet maltiness with notes of pear and grapefruit zest, met with a crisp, clean finish

And like all our beers we added Alpine Minerals for better hydration!

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