Alpine Minerals ®

Alpine Minerals ®

  • Swiss Alps
  • Better rehydration

Pure and protected from pollution

All our beers contain Alpine Minerals® that we add to make ABLOC® the perfect thirst-quencher after a workout. The Alpine Minerals® we have selected are pure minerals from underneath the highest peaks of the Alps. Alpine Minerals® improve the osmotic quality of the beer, aid replenishing the body’s lost minerals, and help deliver the unique refreshing taste of ABLOC. The minerals we use have been preserved in the heart of the rock for 200 million years in its original purity. At that time, the land that would become the Alps of today was completely covered by the sea. When it receded, the minerals remained trapped in the rock of the Alps, perfectly pure and protected from pollution.

Alpine Minerals:

  • Improve the osmotic quality of the beer
  • Aid replenishing the body’s lost minerals
  • Help deliver the unique refreshing taste of A BLOC
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